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Level A Ontario WSIB 1-5 Person First Aid Kit
Level 1 Ontario WSIB 6-15 Person First Aid KitLevel 1 Ontario WSIB 6-15 Person First Aid Kit
Ontario WSIB Level A Unitized Refill Kit
Ontario WSIB Level 1 Refill Kit
Ontario WSIB Level 2 Unitized Refill Kit
Body Fluid Clean Up Kit
Fire Safety Plan Box
Sale price$93.95
Fire Safety Plan BoxWasip
Plastic Emesis Basin
Sale price$0.95
Plastic Emesis BasinWasip
Assorted Safety Pins (12 Per Bag)
Splinter Forceps (Tweezers)
Bandage Scissors (11.5cm)
First Aid Pocket Guide, Bilingual
Large Paperback First Aid ManualLarge Paperback First Aid Manual
Instant Cold PackInstant Cold Pack
Sale priceFrom $1.15
Instant Cold PackWasip
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Hydrogen Peroxide, 500ml
Opsite Wound Spray, 100ml
Polysporin™ Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 15g
Alcohol Wipes (Box of 100)
Blue Fabric Knuckle BandageBlue Fabric Knuckle Bandage
Blue Fabric Fingertip BandageBlue Fabric Fingertip Bandage

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