Course Outline:

  • Class duration 3-4 hours
  • Professional power point slide presentation,
  • Inter-active series of questions, designed to encourage student participation,
  • 30 question written review.
  • Regulations and Standards:
  • OHSA Regulations , Standards CFR – 1926 (1401, 1428, 1419, 1428(c)
  • Signal Person, Rigger Safety and Health Regulations for Construction


Topics covered, but not limited to: OHSA CFR 1926.251, 1910.184

  • Rigger-Definitions
  • Qualifications
  • Rigging Identification
  • Rigging Inspection
  • Rigging Hardware


  • Definitions
  • Qualifications
  • Responsibilities
  • Requirements and Qualification Requirements Hand Signal Exercises – Standard Signal, plus any” in-house” signal practices.
  • Presentation Method: Student Workbook, Reference Materials, Power Point presentation, with discussion
  • Accident Investigations: discussion, Situation Awareness, Site Specific Training (as suggested by OHSA),
    including a review of: Actual rigging used in your application, Signal Person applications in your environment


Basic Principles : Below the Hook Rigging (Reference : CSAO / IHSA Hoisting and Rigging Manual


  • Below the Hook Rigging
  • Inspecting/Understanding Wire Rope
  • Winch Rope Damage
  • Inspecting/Understanding Synthetic Slings
  • Styles of Web Slings
  • Inspecting/Understanding Chain Slings
  • Chain Configurations and Abbreviations
  • Various Sling Applications
  • Sling Angles/Load Loss Calculations
  • Sling Load Charts
  • Chain Charts
  • Wire Rope Charts
  • Below the Hook Rigging Hardware
  • Shackles
  • Shoulder Eye Bolt
  • Hooks
  • Turnbuckles
  • Spreader and Equalizer Beams
  • Below the Hook Lifting Device
  • Double Wrap Basketing Loads
  • Single Leg Basketing Loads
  • Single and Double Wrap Choke Hitching
  • Endless Slings and Hitches
  • Centre of Gravity Loads
  • Wire Rope Clips
  • Multiple Leg Bridle Slings on Rigid Loads
  • Single Leg Choke Hitch
  • Back Hook Loose Legs


Student workbooks provided.

Practical training conducted in-class and/or on-site.

Wallet certificates for each student

Safety Training for Lifting Equipment Operators